Home School Students and learning to embroider

“I have taken on some home schooled students. Or rather, they have taken me on. I feel a little like an experiment, perhaps I am. There are 13 classes of one hour duration, there are a fluctuating number of students which is a little disconcerting as it needs for students to start from the beginning each week when others have progressed beyond the “thread the needle make a stitch ” phase. But we are working with it.

Thirteen weeks is quite a long time. And, as I have never taught a class of this sort before I  had to come up with a plan. I settled on two projects which could run in parallel. The students will stitch a sampler with the alphabet and their name on, as did students of the 19th century. I have shown them the samplers which I own from this century and we discuss the place of embroidery in history and compare it with now. And the second project is to construct, with their new-found skills, an embroidery kit and a bag to keep it all in.  Most of the students have absolutely NO idea what embroidery is before they come to class. That their parents signed them up for my class is interesting. One imagines the conversation

” Oh, by the way,  I have signed you up for an embroidery class”

“What’s embroidery? Parent…”mmm not sure”

“What will I learn?”  This question, if asked, was never answered as the students arrive in class wearing question marks on their faces.

We have been going for 5 weeks and there is progress and a sense of accomplishment as they find their work taking shape.

In my next post I will describe the work more closely and share the rules of our classroom.

Royal School of Needlework Certificate of Technical Hand Embroidery progress

It is embarrassing to realize that I have been taking this certificate for a long time, so long in fact, that I cannot remember when I started. However, I am keeping going. There are four pieces which have to be stitched in four different disciplines. I have chosen the theme of peacocks, actually not quite sure why…seemed like a good idea at the time and so it is proving to be. This far. I am going to run out of road when I get to silk shading as there is a rule….who knows why….that silk shading can only have as a subject, a fruit, a vegetable or a flower…..no birds…or feathers…so if there is a peacock fruit or flower or vegetable I am in business.. If not some creativity is needed……mmmmm isn’t that what it is all about?

Actually I have found a peacock flower. Not the brightly colored inspiring petal creation you might expect but it will be just fine as a subject for my silk shading which will be amateurish I expect. …..since I have never tried it before.

Will keep you posted.