Teaching Embroidery to 4 classes of third graders.

I have spent a good part of today preparing materials for 4 classes of third graders.  I am not totally sure how many students exactly, probably about 90. As I may have said before it is a labor of love. Even cutting up almost 100 pieces of fabric is not a chore.

We have been been doing this for so many years now  we have a system that works well.

Small easy stitched tree
This is the first project for my nearly 90 beginning embroidery students.

There is a new principal at the school. Not sure what she thinks about embroidery in her school. Guess we will find out. I taught her sons embroidery reasonably recently…not sure they liked it much which might have some bearing on her opinion. We wait to see. The teachers have allowed 30 minutes for this….the absolute minimum. The beginning is the hardest with so little time. Once everyone has more idea of what they are doing it is easier with a small amount of time. I am doing two classes on Thursday and two on Friday. Four in one day would be a bit much. One hundred students unable to thread a needle…..yikes!!!

Every child has a zip lock bag with their name on it. In this bag they keep their fabric, needle and any threads they are working with, and a paper chart of the piece on which they are working.  The emphasis here is on personal responsibility. I tell them at the outset that my most unfavorite sentence is “Mrs. Davidson, I have lost my needle” . Some students wear their needles to blackness and need for replacement before losing them and some lose them all the time…although it has to be said very few needles go missing given the number of the students and the opportunities for them to be lost.

The threads we use are DMC perle #5. This thread is fantastic. The colors are wonderful and it is a dream to stitch with when you have many students all starting out. I call it ” well behaved thread”. The students know exactly what I mean.


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