All 90 students can embroider

imageWe started late for a holiday project…no one wants to be stitching Christmas trees in January…definitely not me. So there was some pressure from the outset. High pressure embroidery seems like an oxymoron…however we were successful.

The Pineapple Express.. the huge storm that blew in off the Pacific two weeks before the end of school, was a great help. Rainy Day recesses are a bonus to the school embroidery project. In sunny California they are pretty rare…but we had a few days there where playing outside was not possible…so the embroidery benefitted.

It is always a miracle to me no matter how many years image image image imagethat I have done this…that I can go into a class of third graders who have never threaded a needle before and within a month they are threading needles, making stitches, following a pattern, transferring from paper to fabric, focusing long enough to be successful, dealing with errors, dealing with the inevitable knots, following my instructions and reveling in the growing embroidery under their fingertips.

Their pride of achievement is palpable. It is clear that some of the students can hardly believe what they have done. It is a huge feeling for them. It has nothing to do with how good your English is ( many of the students have English as a second language…and some no English at all). It has nothing to do with how smart you are, it has nothing to do with how well you can read, or how good you are at math. Embroidery in the classroom is a great leveler. It allows students to shine who shine at nothing else.

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