Summer Embroidery Camp

Rolled felt pincushion and a needle roll made of broad already embroidered ribbon and lined with felt and tied with a ribbon

Next week I will be teaching a 4 day embroidery summer camp. It is the first time I have ever done this. I will have 6 students, aged between 6 and 10 years. Three of the students have worked with me before during a Parks and Rec class. What we stitched did not put them off and they have brought some friends along too.

What to stitch? mmmm

I have thought that to make your own stitching and embroidery tools would be empowering and satisfying. So we will make a pincushion, needle roll, scissor fob and tassel for a needlethreader, very useful all. My idea….unless I change my mind, is to collect all these embroidery tools into an empty tennis ball canister. My daughter is a college tennis player and these containers are very easy to come by, totally free and have the massive benefit of being see thru…also there is room for all the tools and a small stitching project too. Neat, clean, tidy, and easy to keep with your stitching. We will see if the students think so too.


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