What are the benefits of teaching embroidery in the third grade classroom?

The student who stitched this has many challenges to learning…..but not to embroidery. Wonderful work

What skills are learned by learning to embroider in the classroom.

In order to attain a satisfactory result with the assignment the students must….

1. Be able to follow directions exactly
2. Be responsible for and understand how to use the assigned materials
3. Learn the dexterity needed to thread a needle.
4. Learn how to follow a complicated pattern from paper to fabric.
5. Learn the meaning of total accuracy with every part of the project
6. Learn to make a stitch the correct way
7. Learn that only patience and persistence will get the needed result.
8. Learn that perseverance is rewarded with success.
9. Learn the rules of design.
10. Learn to see how color can be used to enhance the design.
11.  Learn the history of the art and its place in students’ lives in previous centuries.
12 Learn  that instant results are not expected or desirable.
13. Learn pride of achieving something the student thought was difficult.
14. Learn the art of total focus and concentration.
15. Learn the spatial awareness needed to follow a pattern.
16. Learn about where their clothing is made and by whom.

17. Learn how to deal with a mistake, how to decide whether to work with the error or unpick the mistake. How some errors can result in artistic improvements. Not all errors are bad.

18. Realize that you do not have to be good at math, reading or very smart to achieve an excellent result.  Amazingly beautiful projects are successfully stitched by students for whom academics is a constant challenge. Embroidery is liberating to such a student.

These are not in any order of importance. They are a cumulative observation of mine over many years of teaching this art and craft to third graders.

Students who start work on embroidery in the classroom setting start out perplexed, worried, tearful, under confident, but curious.

By the end of the session they are knowledgeable artists with confident skills in their craft. They can concentrate, be totally accurate, persevere, be responsible for their project and the materials,  choose colors, know what success means and be confident in their abilities to deliver a good result.  Every teacher wants this for their students.

Just one of fifty beautifully stitched, carefully colored designs. My design their color choices.
Just one of fifty beautifully stitched, carefully colored designs. My design their color choices.


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