Summer Embroidery Camp. #1

Six students, eager to learn. Lots of projects, ready to go. One teacher who has not taught summer camp before. Two kittens in the bedroom….break time cuddles essential.

Three of my students are new to me and new to the art of embroidery. Three of my students have been working with me before this week and so have some expertise and confidence.  Ages run from 6.5 to 10 years old. There is one boy attending.

We started with the Embroidery Camp Rules.

1. Be kind to yourself.

2. Be responsible for your tools and materials.

3 Have clean hands.

4. Listen carefully to instructions

5.Time doesn’t matter

6. Help each other.

7. Keep trying.

8. Focus.

These are not in any order of importance. They are all important.

On the second day I ran through them again at the beginning of the day but after that there was no need. It is safe to say that we had six completely focused stitchers for three hours a day. We took a short break in the middle of the session, but apart from that there was twelve hours of learning new skills, making beautiful things and useful tools for future embroidery.

Each of the six students made a set of tools.
Each of the six students made a set of tools.

What did we make?

The Tools.

Each student made a pincushion, a needle roll, a scissor fob and a tassel for keeping the needle threader  safe.

The Project.

Along with making the tools the students stitched a 5 X 7 piece of 8 HPI aida cloth with a sampler of stitches. We made a rows of running stitch, whipped and laced, chain stitch,  blackwork of geometric shapes linked together, cross stitch and a back stitch name. This finished piece will fit into a key rack purchased from Sudberry House.  It ought to be noted here that two of my students were well able to follow a more complicated pattern and these two had a more challenging project. They loved it and altho did not finish it this week I am certain that it will be finished. As you can see from their progress.image

We ended our embroidering week with everyone happy with their achievements and  some eager sign ups for our next session, at the end of next month. What shall we stitch….mmmm ..what a pleasant prospect. I get to plan another week of sharing the art of embroidery with a group of amazing young people. What luxury is that?


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