Etsy store now open for business.

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I have opened my very first store ever.  It was quite good fun and a lot of work.  I really enjoyed designing the pieces and I had always in mind my keen stitching students. I know that in the summer they really enjoyed the seahorse so I designed him some buddies. I am a little nervous about it all actually. Firstly that it will have been a monumental waste of time and secondly that I will make a muddle of the ordering process if I am lucky enough to get even one sale.  Etsy has a good site and it was pretty simple to do the display part. The website did not really like me using my iPad and would freeze on the tag section. But we persevered.

So I am hoping that there will be a bunch of folks out there all itching to stitch a motley crew of ocean creatures or wanting to give them to their friends, neighbors, nieces, nephews, cousins for Christmas gifts. But not too many as I will have to do all the kit making myself.


So we will see. It has been a while since I posted stuff on this blog. I did not win the Royal School Of Needlework Sampler competition. Surprise there? I am woefully behind in my canvas work project for my RSN Certificate…..must get on with it this week if I am not to embarrass myself at class in a couple of weeks.

My friends here in town have instituted a get together with stitching as the theme. Our Stitch and Bitch sessions are a lot of fun and we are in the middle of a small blossom tree. I will take photos of us at work and post them here.

If I get a sale on etsy I will be sure to post about it.

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